We are proud to announce the culmination of several years of work, multiple Red Garuda retreats, and two online courses – the publication of Khyung Mar: The Red Garuda, by Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche. We thank him deeply for sharing this powerful Yungdrung Bön teaching with us and the world, and we pray that this effort accomplishes great benefit for sentient beings.

This book has come together with the help of several people, including His Eminence, sMenri Lopon Trinley Nyima Rinpoche, who wrote the Foreword; Piotr Gusta, who provided beautiful images that guide the practice; and Nick Tichawa, who edited the book.

This powerful and captivating book guides practitioners and healers through the inner practices of the Khyung Mar Tantra, closely following Bön text and tradition. The book presents an extended teaching and commentary on the practice. It includes over 40 images, most of which give detailed visualization guidance. It also includes a full set of prayers in Tibetan and English, with English phonetics to perform the practices.

In addition to the preliminary practices and visualizations included in the main daily practice, there are also a series of additional auxiliary practices and prayers that can be performed on an occasional basis or as needed. These include setting a Khyung Mar altar, establishing the Ta Chen as the source of blessing on the altar, establishing a protective outer boundary, receiving blessings, and healing with the use of a phurpa dagger.

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