A Publishing House That Lies on the Other Side

Dream Abbey was founded in 2018 with the publication of a booklet of Bön daily prayers and the publication of Lacuna Hazelwood’s Oneiric Occurrences.

We are committed to publishing ideal works; our catalog will include works of meditation and spiritual practice, the Tibetan Bön tradition, Western esoteric traditions, inspired poetry, visionary works, idealist and animist philosophy, modern and revival folklore, weird fiction, dream psychology, experimental and avant-garde music, and related works.

Dream Abbey is a proud publishing partner of Yeru Bön Center, a US-based non-profit focusing on the preservation and advancement of the traditional Yungdrung Bön teachings, and the support of Menri Monastery and Bön Children’s Home in Dolanji, India. Dream Abbey contributes 5% of all profits to Bön Children’s Home.

We draw inspiration from the fine art book tradition and other talismanic publishers. With each project, we seek to create transformative objects—to create a bridge between the living spirit of the text and the mind of its reader.