A Publishing House That Lies on the Other Side

Dream Abbey was founded in 2018 with the publication of a booklet of Bön daily prayers and the publication of Lacuna Hazelwood’s Oneiric Occurrences.

We are committed to publishing ideal works; our catalog will include works of meditation and spiritual practice, esoteric traditions, inspired poetry, visionary works, spiritual philosophy, modern and revival folklore, weird fiction, and related works.

Dream Abbey is a proud publishing partner of Yeru Bön Center, a US-based non-profit focusing on the preservation and advancement of the traditional Yungdrung Bön teachings, and the support of Menri Monastery and Bön Children’s Home in Dolanji, India. Dream Abbey contributes 5% of all profits to Bön Children’s Home.

With each project, we seek to create transformative objects—to create a bridge between the living spirit of the text and the mind of its reader.